Agricultural Advisory Committee

About the Agricultural Advisory Committee

  • Eight members appointed by Board of Supervisors
  • Four-year terms, two from each agricultural sector - beef, sheep, dairy and swine
  • Group of peer and technical advisors who seek practical, cost-effective solutions to agriculture-related pollution through collaborative effort of farms voluntarily working with RAAC
  • Meet on as-needed basis

Members Term Expires
Michael Bazzle 1/31/2023
David Hughes 1/31/2021
Pete Martens 1/31/2023
Charles Eberly 1/31/2021
Philip Witmer 1/31/2021
Kevin Craun 1/31/2023
Roscoe Wine 1/31/2021
Keith Sheets 1/31/2023
Jeremy Daubert Ex-officio
Megen Dalton Ex-officio
Pablo Cuevas Ex-officio
Sallie Wolfe-Garrison Ex-officio
Rick Chandler Ex-officio
William Kyger Ex-officio
Michael Breeden Ex-officio

If you would like the board to consider you for appointment to this or any of the committees, boards, or commissions, please email Jessica Kilby